Data Science

Tangenz Data Science team comes with various team members with industry and analytics expertise in data mining, strategic analysis, predictive analytics and data visualization to provide analytical solutions to client’s business problems. The team leaders have strong foundation in Mathematics and Statistics with academic background of Bachelors and Master degrees from India’s premier Institute for Statistics and Mathematics, Indian Statistical Institute. The team is proficient in managing entire data science project life cycles, which includes

  • Analyzing organization’s reporting needs and assisting in evaluation of the products that best meet their goals
  • EDA - Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data munging & cleansing including imputation & outlier detection
  • Data Transformation/ Feature engineering
  • Dimensionality reduction using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Factor Analysis, testing and validation using ROC plot, K- fold cross validation, statistical significance testing.
  • Statistical modeling & Predictive Analysis both linear and non-linear (logistic, linear, Naïve Bayes, decision trees, Random forest, neural networks, clustering, KNN, Descriptive statistics, Distance measures, Hypothesis testing, Chi-Square, ANOVA, Time Series Modeling)
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Algorithms (RNN, CNN), SVM, Neural Networks, Gradient Boosting, Regression Modelling, Random Forests, Ranking Models, Clustering, Classification
  • Evaluate model performance using RMSE score, Confusion matrix, ROC, Cross-validation and A/B testing to in both simulated environment and real world.
  • Capable in solving problems and producing flexible solutions using analytical and creative skills.
  • Data visualization including creating ready to interpret dashboards and custom interactive data representations